Picture gallery Murtal24: During the 24-hour run, many reached their limits

Last weekend there was a 24-hour run in Zeltweg. Whether in a team or individually: everyone could test their limits in the various competitions. Above all, the participants who ran alone for 24 hours were happy about crossing the finish line.

MURTAL. Running enthusiasts could test their skills at the 24-hour run in the Zeltweg sports center. The EvenDZ sports event agency and the WipfelwanderWEGLAUF team organized various competitions. A highlight was the 24-hour run.

24, 12, 6 or 2 hours

Day and night was on a circuit with a route length von 1,337.75 meters ran. Either in a team or individually. However, 2-, 6- and 12-hour competitions could also be completed. But no matter in which category, the participants came to their limits. Especially those who spent the 24 hours on the run alone. A highlight were two firefighterswho walked with their gear for two hours.

“I think everyone liked it. However, everyone is happy that it’s over now.”
Uwe Zitzenbacherorganizer

Various competitions

The running event Murtal24 started on Thursday May 26thwith the Ladies Night Run. The women’s run took place at 8.30 p.m. and led the athletes over 5.4 kilometers (4 laps) through the sports center in Zeltweg. At the Friday evening started the 24-hour participants. On Saturday morning, the 12-hour participants came out on the running course. Then the 6 and 2 hour competitions started.

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