Physical and emotional well-being of students were affected by the pandemic

For a few weeks the Epidemiological traffic light has changed in different parts of Mexico, even in some states a traffic light has already been established verde Y back to face-to-face classes. However, the confinement lasted for more than a year and this resulted in the Physical and emotional well-being of students were affected by the pandemic.

According to data from the United Nations, Worldwide 198 million children stopped attending classrooms in person for more than a year ago. In Mexico the figure was 33 million students of all levels those who stopped attending face-to-face classes. Due to this measure, the physical and emotional well-being of students were affected by the pandemic, especially that of children and adolescents.

Carlos Hurtazo placeholder image, investigator of Neuropsychology of the University of the Valley of Mexico, Campus Queretaro, in this regard indicates approximately 80% of students will present behavioral or emotional disturbances. One of the ways in which the physical and emotional well-being of students were affected by the pandemic is by Sleep disturbance. This is due to the low control of parents over children and adolescents in the use of new technologies. Another alteration is the sedentary lifestyle and the junk food addictionThis is caused because children and adolescents no longer exercise or do the activities they used to do. But between all this, Hurtazo highlights children and young people with psychopathologies or with a disability prior to confinement, they will require more attention; also those who live in poverty they will present psychological problems.

For its part, Cecilia Meza, researcher of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, points out other symptoms that those who were affected in their physical and emotional well-being by the pandemic could present. Among them stand out sadness, lack of interest, constant tiredness, poor performance, boredom, irritability and, in extreme cases, behaviors self-destructive. In the same way, considering that not everyone will resume face-to-face classes, the researcher also gives some recommendations to mitigate this impact on the physical and emotional well-being of students due to the pandemic. Among the suggestions he points out to maintain communication with friends, create fstudy forms Y distraction at home, learn topics or skills of interest.

Despite the distance education tools, the National Institute of Statistic and Geography reports, about 2.53 million children and adolescents from preschool through high school dropped out of school. Among the main reasons are the little functionality of online classes, but also the deterioration of the physical and emotional well-being of students who were affected by the pandemic. If measures are not taken to mitigate such problems, the authorities estimate that the figure will reach 3 million for the next school year.

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