Photographer Guy van Grinsven passed away on Monday evening at the age of 72. The Maastricht photographer had been suffering from the muscle disease ALS for a long time.

Van Grinsven received the sign of merit from the municipality of Maastricht in July.

At the end of 2019, Van Grinsven noticed during a lecture that his words were bad. The diagnosis of ALS was established. “That was also the moment when I decided not to give up and see what else I could do in this rather hopeless situation,” said the photographer. He opened a gallery in Maastricht with a friend.

Van Grinsven would give a book presentation at the end of this year. The Maastricht resident had incorporated his work about the city into a book. “The most beautiful and personal book of all”, is how Van Grinsven described it. The gallery in Maastricht would close on 1 December. “Unfortunately, my condition forces me to do so,” the photographer wrote.

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On September 11, 2001, the Maastricht photographer was in New York. He drove almost immediately to the site of the attacks to film and take pictures. It never let go of him. He witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Center. “It could end at any moment, I learned that here.”

The Maastricht photographer also took pictures of celebrities. From the Dalai Lama to the Royal Family. Van Grinsven flew all over the world to take pictures.

Guy van Grinsven died Monday evening at his home in Maastricht. He is 72 years old.


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