PHOTO |  Daniel Bisogno is caught partying months after being in intensive care

PHOTO | Daniel Bisogno is caught partying months after being in intensive care


The driver of “Ventaneando” was hospitalized in an emergency just a few weeks ago and this time he was caught in a famous bar

Daniel Bisogno is captured in a well-known bar in NezahualcóyotlCredits: Instagram @bisognodaniel

Daniel Need He is one of the most controversial drivers because he is not afraid to say what he thinks and his explosive statements have generated anger among the public. Despite this, he triggered alerts among his fans after it was revealed just a few weeks ago that he was hospitalized emergency, now everything indicates that he is in better health since he was captured in a well-known nightclub accompanied by a group of friends.

In recent days the absence of the driver in the program “windowing” aroused concern among the fans, which is why they clarified that he would be away from the spotlight for a few days to take some vacation together with his daughter. This after the health complications that she had last May for which she was in intensive therapy after a rupture of varices in the esophagus, something for which he had to be intubated and Underwent surgery.

“I could not stop thinking that in one of those, maybe I would not go out again, because one does not have a bought life and when you are with something like that, the first thing I thought of was Micaela,” he said in an interview for Pati Chapoy for the well-known show program where she revealed that she was afraid of dying, because she also lost almost two liters of blood during her surgery.

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Daniel Bisogno caught in a well-known bar

After the shock caused by his hospitalization, everything indicates that the conductor He is recovering favorably since, in addition to the rest days he enjoys on the beach, he was captured in a well-known Night center located in the Maravillas neighborhood of Nezahualcoyotlin the State of Mexico, in the company of a group of friends.

Daniel Bisogno is caught in a well-known bar in Nezahualcóyotl. Photo: IG @bisognodaniel

It was the user “La Tía Sandra” in Twitter the one who spread the photograph of the driver while visiting the bar “Spartacus’s” along with four other subjects. The clip also shows that he would have attended the day a stripper contest was taking place since they appear wearing little clothes with a number placed on the waist and dance on the track motivating the audience to applaud.

The comments did not wait and although once again Daniel Need was the target of controversy the driver is expected not to statements in this regard, since on more than one occasion he has indicated that he will keep the details of his private life away from reflectors.


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