Philips winks at you with this BOMBA air fryer

We both know that after the holidays you will decide that eating healthy should become your mantra. Nevertheless, resisting delicious food is really difficult but luckily there is an appliance to your rescue that you will no longer be able to do without. What am I talking about? Of a crazy air fryer signed by Philips which, after all, is nothing else, one of the best on the market.

Thanks to the ongoing promotion on Amazon you can rsave more than € 60 and take it home with just €97,99, a price that really screams bargain.
With Prime shipments, receiving it in the blink of an eye will be more than possible so much so that you can even use it for New Year’s Eve. So what are you waiting for? Make it yours now.

Philips air fryer: never without it again

This Philips air fryer is really convenient because despite its small size it still allows you to cook for the whole family, to look at the line and above all to avoid using disproportionate quantities of oil.

To use it is very simple since it has a display led touch with which you can select all the programs you want, an efficient cooking method is always at hand.
The basket has a capacity of 4.1 liters you also have the temperature maintenance function in mind so, in case, you can cook in advance and keep your dishes warm for when it is time to put them on the table.
Don’t forget to experiment as much as you can thanks to theand 7 preset modes that help you every day.

Buy this Philips designer air fryer now on Amazon for only € 97.99. Order it now so you can receive it in time for the last holidays of this period and love it from the first moment.

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