Philadelphia, the new promising brand for Mondelez International

Arnaud Montebourg is on the move, this Monday, June 10, in Cestas in Gironde, on the theme of the attractiveness of France. The Minister for Productive Recovery will visit the Mondelez International factory, formerly Kraft Foods, in the afternoon.

The factory was acquired in 2007 by Kraft Foods, and primarily produces cookies under the LU brand. Arnaud Montebourg is to meet Bruno Luisetti, president of Mondelez France.

Mondelez International employs 110,000 people worldwide, and markets 165 brands of food products. Among the best known: Milka, Lu, Carte Noire and Philadelphia. In two years, the American spread has managed to find a place in France.

8% market share

Philadelphia has gone from a century old brand to a “billionaire” brand. It alone generates two billion dollars in turnover, or more than 1.5 billion euros. Mondelez International relies heavily on France as a strategic lever for growth. Four million French households have already been won over by this cheese from the United States.

In just two years, Philadephia has succeeded in establishing itself in the cheese spread, behind St Môret, Boursin or Tartare. The brand has won 8% of market share and generates ten million euros in turnover. And this is only the beginning, the group has given itself three years to challenge the leader.

What appeals to consumers is its novelty, its practicality, both spreadable and cookable. The recipe has been specially revised for the French market.


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