Genesis singer and drummer Phil Collins has struggled with his health for years. So he decided to give his son Nicholas the place on the drum set during the current Genesis tour.

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The Swiss ex-wife of Phil Collins wants to share in the proceeds from the sale of his villa in Miami. A US court has now admitted Orianne Cevey’s lawsuit.

Loss for Phil Collins, 70, in a court in Florida: The British musician had moved before the Dade County Superior Court to dismiss the lawsuit of his Swiss ex-wife Orianne Cevey.

Now the judge decided, writes the “Blick”, that her 20 million dollar lawsuit is admissible and that she can bring her ex-husband to trial.

The Genesis frontman divorced the mother of his sons Nicholas, 20, and Matthew, 16, in 2009. Seven years later, the two were reconciled and moved into Collins’ villa in Miami with their children.

“Smelly, impotent word breaker”

Until, in the fall of 2020, Phil Collins found out that he had been cheated on: His 47-year-old ex-wife had secretly married businessman Thomas Bates, who was 15 years his junior in Las Vegas.

A marriage certificate discovered by the Daily Mail showed that the couple had said yes in front of an Elvis double pastor in the famous Graceland Wedding Chapel. Which Collins wanted to throw his ex-wife out of his villa.

As a result, however, Cevey did not want to leave the house voluntarily. She is also said to have changed the security code at the entrance gate, so that Collins no longer had access to his villa. When the musician filed an eviction suit, she countered with a counterclaim in which she denigrated him as a “stinking, impotent word-breaker”, writes the “Blick”.

Phil Collins Collins and Cevey were married from 1999 to 2009 but got back together after their divorce in 2016.
Phil Collins Collins and Orianne Cevey were married from 1999 to 2009 but got back together, at least temporarily, after their divorce in 2016.


In court filings, Cevey claims, among other things, that Collins started heavy drinking and pain medication abuse in 2017. According to the files, “he often fell on his head under the influence of the alcohol-drug combination and had to be admitted to hospital under a false name.”

The low point was reached three years ago, according to the “Blick”: “He lost his musical talent, became depressed, abused me, neglected his children and was then addicted to painkillers and antidepressants after an operation on his back.”

Ex wants half of the proceeds from the villa sale

In November 2020, Collins attorney Jeffrey Fisher negotiated a settlement in court. Cevey had to surrender all of Phil’s personal belongings – including million dollar collectibles – but was allowed to stay in the domicile until the end of January 2021.

No sooner had his ex moved out than the “Genesis” front man sold the villa for $ 40 million. Cevey now wants to force her to get half of the proceeds in court – “because he promised me that years ago so that I would come back to him.”

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