The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) opened an inquiry to investigate the case of the 23-year-old who was attacked in downtown Porto in the early hours of Sunday and who ended up dying in hospital.

In a written response to the Lusa agency, the PGR indicates that “the facts in reference gave rise to an investigation” and that, in the scope of this “process, the measure of coercion of preventive detention was applied to an accused”.

The case took place on Rua Passos Manuel, in downtown Porto, next to a disco. It was around 3 am on Sunday when a 23-year-old boy was attacked and became unconscious and inanimate on the public road, after which the authorities took the young man in serious condition to Hospital de Santo António, where he died.

The alleged aggressor, who was in preventive detention, is of French nationality, is 21 years old and lives in Porto, according to sources linked to the process.

The 23-year-old who died was a basketball player at Guifões Sport Clube, in Matosinhos.

“He was unconscious, inanimate on public roads and received medical assistance on the spot by teams from the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), who then took him to Santo António Hospital,” explained the same police source.

The suspect was intercepted and detained by the PSP around 4 am on Sunday, also downtown.

More policing on the streets

In this case, the president of the Association of Bars and Nightclubs of Movida do Porto warned the Government today that businessmen are “very concerned” with the death of the young man in Porto’s nightlife and are calling for more policing in the streets to increase security.

In a publication on the Porto City Council website, Rui Moreira recalled that “there have been successive warnings to demand more policing in the streets”, reinforcing “the need for the Ministry of Internal Administration to give a ‘green light’ to video surveillance” that the municipality intends to install in the City.

Deploring the death of the young man and offering his condolences to his family and friends, Rui Moreira believes that this case “should be a cry for new security measures to be taken”.

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