Peugeot shows a first image of the 408 (2022), a coupe SUV

Will the Peugeot 408 (2022) become the star of the range?

In the current Peugeot range, it is especially the SUVs that are a hit. The large family 3008 and the more city-oriented 2008 continue to sell like hotcakes. And the French manufacturer intends to extend this success to other categories. Like Renault or Volkswagen, the lion brand will try out the genre of the coupe SUV that seems to please customers so much.

For this, Peugeot will soon launch the 408. For now, we only see the end of the grille in this very first official image. To see everything around, we will have to wait until the end of June when the veil will finally be lifted on the model. But the development prototypes surprised on the road in recent months have already made it possible to observe its silhouette, that of a sedan with a receding rear and slightly raised ground clearance.

Cousin of the Citroën C4

Designed on the same platform as the 308 and the compact models of the former PSA group, the 408 will adopt a more upscale positioning than the Citroën C4 (also a bit “crossover”) and this 308. in a few days to discover it in full!

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