Petr Yan is the most comfortable opponent for Sean O’Malley in the Top 5

Russians are drained: Dana White and Daniel Cormier about a duel that many prematurely considered a mismatch.

For some reason, for many, the confrontation announced last week Peter Yan and Shauna O’Malley stood in line with the fight Khamzat Chimaeva with Nate Diaz, and is perceived as a mismatch. The UFC never do anything for nothing, and after several years of choosing convenient opponents for their protege, and investing in his promotion of funds, they abruptly decided to drain the asset loaded with money? No, it doesn’t work that way. In this fight, the bet is still placed on the victory of the American, and the Russian, who failed two title matches in a row, should go to the dusty closet of history.

This is evidenced by the comment of the President of the UFC, who frankly said that they considered O’Malley ready to fight Yan:

“We were doing pairing and Sean Shelby came up with the idea for this fight. He caught fire with it. I asked, “Are you crazy? We won’t go for it now.” To which he replied, why not, O’Malley has matured”, Dana White said.

“Shown will be 28 in October and is in his prime now. He crashes into opponents like a truck. In the end, Sean Shelby “sold” this fight to me. More importantly, both guys wanted it. And more importantly, as soon as we announced it, all the fans seemed to go crazy. It’s going to be a damn good fight.”

Company man Daniel Cormier I dug a little deeper and came to the conclusion that among the top five in the ranking, Ian is stylistically the most convenient for O’Malley, and besides, the late start of the ex-champion can be a help for the American to win on points:

“Sean feels like he has an edge over Peter at certain points. First, he is taller, his limbs are longer. Secondly, they are both boxers. O’Malley is probably thinking to himself, “For me, this is the best match in the top five.”

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“Another factor that I would not say that makes it easier for Sean, but definitely plays into his hands is the formula for their fight, consisting of only three rounds. We saw how Peter slowly turns on in the early rounds, then he adapts and dominates in the later ones. You can’t start slow in a 15-minute match, so maybe Ian takes more risks, and Sean and his coaching staff look at it and say, ‘This setup gives us more opportunities to beat this dude.’

Same the other day Henry Cejudo explained how O’Malley would be able to beat Ian.



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