Peter R. loved Amstelveen: wonderful youth, mediocre goalkeeping and playing at the factory

Peter Rudolf de Vries never hid his love for Amstelveen. The place where he grew up. Here he played football at NFC, here he took his friends to play or work on the grounds of the gunpowder factory in Amstelveen or Muiden. His father was director there. Crime reporter Peter R. de Vries had a wonderful childhood in Amstelveen.

Peter was born in Aalsmeer, but grew up on the Borssenburg in Amstelveen. He lived here all his childhood and on the wall in the alley behind his parents’ house is carved into the wall ‘Peter’ and the name of his favorite football club ‘Ajax’.

Always below the bar

De Vries himself played football at the local club NFC and in the youth of the football association he played for many years together with Amstelvener Ton van Saarloos. He also reacts with amazement to the news that his old teammate has died after the attack last week: “I think it’s terrible. Not only because it’s about Peter, but that someone is even capable of shooting someone.”

‘He never had a big mouth’

Ton was in the striker when he played football with Peter. “He was always on target,” says Van Saarloos today. “He was quite capable of goalkeeping. It wasn’t great, but neither was I.” Ton remembers his former teammate as a very calm boy. “He was already very big and had a stately appearance, but he didn’t have a big mouth. When you see what has become of him, you think: ‘That boy has developed nicely’.”

The team photo from the A-juniors at the top of this article shows Peter R. De Vries as goalkeeper. President of the association Daniël Gaulard says that they will undoubtedly organize something following the death of Peter R. De Vries. “We may put something on the website or do something in the form of a meeting.”

Peter R. De Vries became Tuesday evening last week shot on the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in the center of Amsterdam and has since been seriously injured in hospital. He dies on July 15.

His relatives declare: “Peter fought to the end, but was unable to win the battle. He is surrounded by the people who love him, died. Peter has lived according to his conviction: ‘On bended knee is no way to be free’ We are immensely proud of him and inconsolable at the same time.”

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