Peter Jackson loves the films but wanted to forget about them

Do you know that too? Would you like to erase your favorite game, series or movie from your memory just to be able to experience it all over again? Then you are not alone: ​​Director Peter Jackson also wanted to forget his Lord of the Rings films for a while because he never had the chance to watch them like a fan himself. He spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about this bitter experience.

Too close to enjoy

Jackson explained that after years of working on the films, he knew far too much about them to really enjoy them – which, for a self-confessed Tolkien fan, was quite painful.

While we were making the Lord of the Rings movies, I always felt like the unfortunate person who never got to see them with an open mind. By the time they aired, I’d been working on them for five or six years. It was really a great loss for me not to be able to experience her like everyone else.

In the meantime, Jackson even considered using a rather unusual means to finally just be a Lord of the Rings fan: hypnosis. Some users claim that they can use this method to erase memories from a willing person’s mind. The director says about it:

I’ve really seriously considered getting a hypnotherapy guy to hypnotize me to forget about the movies and working on them for the past six or seven years so I can sit back and enjoy them.

Lord of the Rings has lost none of its popularity among fans to this day.

Lord of the Rings has lost none of its popularity among fans to this day.

A mentalist was ready

In fact, according to Jackson, he has even been in conversation with a so-called mentalist, Derren Brown. He thought it possible to make Middle-earth disappear from Jackson’s memories – but in the end he didn’t try.

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Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, he also said he can at least look forward to Amazon’s The Rings of Power series, which he’s not involved with in any way. He’s very open about the matter. If you want to learn more about the setting and characters before the start of the series on September 2, 2022, be sure to read Fabiano’s large and spoiler-free overview:

The Rings of Power: The Prehistory of Galadriel and Co.


more on the subject

The Rings of Power: The Prehistory of Galadriel and Co.

What movie or game would you like mesmerized away to relive it all for the first time?



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