Pete Davidson wants to marry and start a family with Kim Kardashian | NOW

If it’s up to Pete Davidson, he and Kim Kardashian are “100 percent sure” getting married. That’s what the 28-year-old comedian and actor tells in the podcast Hart to Heart by comedian Kevin Hart.

“That’s how I hope it goes,” said Davidson when asked if he would like to get married.

He adds that his big dream is to one day have children and become a family man. “Of all the things I still want to achieve, fatherhood comes first. I want to be there for them and see what it’s like for them to have a father, because I haven’t always had one.”

His father died as a firefighter during the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. Davidson was seven years old at the time.

Davidson and Kardashian have been dating since October last year. Kardashian himself married three times before.

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