Peshawar, low-lying areas flooded by rains, traffic system disrupted

Peshawar, low-lying areas flooded by rains, traffic system disrupted

Web Desk: As a result of heavy and continuous rains in Peshawar, the low-lying areas have been flooded, due to the lack of timely cleaning of drains in many areas, the rain water has created ponds in the roads and streets. Peshkar started while water had entered the plazas and houses at different places of the city due to the rain on Friday.
According to the details, the low-lying areas have been flooded due to the rains on Friday and Saturday. Due to the failure of the district administration and related institutions to clean the drains on time, the drains have boiled and the roads and roads have been blocked in many areas. The streets have started to look like ponds, due to which the citizens have to face severe problems. Due to the spread of filth in the roads and streets, the fear of spreading diseases has also arisen. On the other hand, due to rains and cloudy weather in Peshawar, the cold has returned once again and people have again started wearing warm clothes, sheets and coats etc.

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