Pescara, the aggressor of the girl in the gym is still free. The appeal of the owner: «Stop it» –

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The 21-year-old punched has not yet made a complaint: terrified and fears repercussions. The owner of the structure, Sara D’Alessandro, was mobilized and wrote to the prosecutor: That dangerous man, in the past other episodes

The shock of the girl being punched in a gym in Pescara by a thug still remains strong, while the owner appeals to the police and the judiciary saying: Stop that man
. The owner of the fitness center speaks of gruesome images, of a man free to do damage as the young beaten did not report the attacker.That violent man and must be stopped. Whoever has power, intervene immediately before it is too late. This is the clear stance of Sara D’Alessandrothe owner of the gym Audacia fitness club in Pescara in which the day before yesterday, Wednesday afternoon, a 21-year-old girl was beaten and threatened with an iron bar by a 50-year-old of Albanian origin. Sources of the gym – while the owner is at the carabinieri to illustrate the episode – comment with the Courier the episode defining the man a mindless bully, a bouncer who had already exhibited aggressive attitudes in the past even just for the occupation of a bench. The 50-year-old and the 21-year-old girl may have already crossed paths in the gym, but no one can justify such behavior

The shocking images

The case raised by the newspaper The center has created havoc in the community of Pescara. According to those who attend the gym, in the past the man would have shown himself aggressive. But then the cameras were not available as happened two days ago: in the videos, which have gone viral, we see the man, of strong build, talking with the victim, who is doing his exercises on a bench. He stands and has dumbbells in his hand. Then suddenly it becomes a fury. Before her he punches her, then slaps her, drops her and drags her by the hair. When the girl tries to escape from her, thanks to the arrival of an instructor, he chases her with an iron bar, blocking her in a local kitchen where she had taken refuge. At this point they are screams and desperate requests for help. To save her, the intervention of the carabinieri, alerted by the people, instructors and customers, who at that moment were in the gym.

Failure to report the girl

The victim had not yet filed a complaint until yesterday and perhaps he will not. Too much fear of repercussions, of being able to find himself in front of that man. I just want to go back and lock myself at home, she would have told her friends yesterday morning who contacted her by phone while, after several hours, she was still waiting alone in the emergency room to be subjected to a CT scan. During her brutal assault, she was hit in the head with a barbell, sustaining injuries. Despite this, the girl is still undecided whether or not to file a complaint. The owner of the gym had no doubts from the start.

Immediately, already on Wednesday afternoon, through his lawyer Daisy D’Alessandro, he sent the complaint via pec to the Public Prosecutor’s Officealso to ensure that the man can no longer set foot in his activity and today he will be heard by the carabinieri of the Pescara company, headed by Captain Giovanni Rolando, who are carrying out the investigations. His desire that we go all the way and that those in power, he reiterates, intervene now. Before it’s too late.

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The outburst of the owner on Facebook

Me, wrote Sara D’Alessandro on her Facebook profile, I’m not there, I’m not silent. So a long outburst and an invitation to women to report, even if it emphasizes, a crime like the one committed should be prosecuted ex officio. A girl, she says, was brutally attacked in my gym. Alerted the carabinieri, show the gruesome images that testify to the madness of a man out of his mind. Called the ambulance, he arrives 40 minutes later and takes the girl in obvious confusion to the emergency room. She waits alone in the hospital, from 4 pm to 1 am, they send her back to her house without visiting her and tell her to come back the following day. And yesterday afternoon she was still waiting for a report, terrified whether to report him or not, while he was free. Free to spin, free to continue doing damage. Now explain to me. What do you need to report? Whoever has power, intervene and do it immediately. Under the post, dozens of comments and among these also some written by the 50-year-old, who deals with safety on the premises. Man risks serious consequences. But what arouses attention are the conditions of the girl, physical and psychological.

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