Peru would finally proclaim a new president next week

Peru could finally declare the winner of its June presidential election, ending six weeks of uncertainty amid reviews and allegations of fraud.

The proclamation could come next Wednesday, or even earlier if there are no more appeals, he said in an interview. Alexandra Marallano, spokesperson for the National Elections Jury.

Unless drastic changes occur, Pedro CastilloA rural unionist from a Marxist party, he is on his way to victory, after leading the vote count by a narrow margin of 50.1% versus 49.9%. Your opponent, Keiko Fujimori, is running out of options after electoral authorities this week rejected all his appeals for alleged fraud.

Peru: they asked for the preventive detention of Keiko Fujimori for corruption

The United States and the European Union noted that the vote was clean. Fujimori has until Friday to file an appeal.

Fujimori’s lawyer, Julius Caesar Castiglioni, said recently in a television interview that the candidate would file another appeal. Fujimori has already said that he will not accept the result if Castillo is proclaimed the winner.

The next president of the nation of 32 million people will take office on July 28.


Fujimori has exhausted all opportunities to report fraud, but can still dispute the results if he believes the votes have been incorrectly counted, he said. Jorge Jáuregui, lawyer specialized in electoral law based in Lima.

Castillo, a teacher with no experience in national politics, was virtually unknown six months ago, but he successfully tapped into voters’ anger at the political elite.

Castillo’s election initially scared investors, but the the nation’s bonds were recovered after he appointed traditional economists as advisers and pledged to respect the autonomy of the central bank.

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