Peru sends a delegation of 31 soldiers to exercise Panamax 2021

International training from June 11 to 18

Rapid extraction maneuver in Panamax 2011. Photo: United States Navy

06/06/2021 | Lima

Peter Watson

The Ministry of Defense of Peru has authorized the participation of a delegation of the Armed forces to participate in the joint military exercise Panamax 2021, which will take place in the city of Miami, State of Florida, United States, between June 11 and 18.

The Advisory and Military Aid Group from United States (Grucam) sent the Oficio N ° 0134 / MAAG / NAVSEC to Headquarters of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, informing that Peru has the possibility of sending a delegation of 31 military officers to the exercise Panamax 2021. It also indicates that the transportation costs – round trip – food and accommodation of the Peruvian delegation will be financed by the U.S. government.

Through the Official Letter N ° 0134 / MAAG / SOLO, Grucam informs that a modification has been made in the number of officers that can be part of the Peruvian delegation, reducing it from 31 to 18 officers.

The Head of the 7th Division of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Peru informs for its part that participation in Panamax 2021 It is of interest because it will serve to increase the experiences in the planning process at the operational, joint and combined levels, redounding to the benefit of the joint action of the Armed Forces of Peru.

Formation of the delegation

The Peruvian military delegation is made up of 13 officers from the Peruvian Army, between holders and substitutes. The colonel Manuel Bernard Javier Alva (holder), colonel Sandro Ricardo Mariscal Villavicencio (alternate), lieutenant colonel Elmer Raúl Zelada Valdivieso (incumbent), lieutenant colonel Jorge Américo Farfán Salas (alternate), lieutenant colonel Jorge Jesus Manrique Pinto (incumbent), lieutenant colonel Henry Edgar Ríos Izquierdo (substitute), major Oscar Midward Aparicio Chávez (headline), major Francisco De la Cruz Surichaqui (alternate), lieutenant colonel A hard tackle from Jony Elar to Sotelo Novoa (incumbent), lieutenant colonel Marco Antonio Sánchez Ramírez (substitute), major Uber Alan Romero Gutierrez (holder), major Yanusz Martín Ugarte Decada (substitute), major José Alarcón Alarcón (holder), major Williams Gómez Huallanca (substitute), major Berto Ignacio Huamán Guerrero and the eldest Carlos Encinas Gomez (alternate).

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From Peruvian Navy six officers participate, all holders. Rear admiral Oscar Iván Oliva Angulo, Captain Alfredo Carlos Osorio Bromberg, Captain Luis Eduardo Pérez Astete, commander Danny Walther López Sánchez, commander Claudio Zegarra Huaco and the lieutenant commander Marco Antonio Diallo Calderón.

The Air Force from Peru send eight officers. The oldest Piero Maximiliano Martínez Herrera (holder), commander Carlos Gustavo Barrientos Rojas (alternate), commander Manuel Eduardo Rodriguez Sweepa (holder), Major Julissa Sofia Laguna Arana (alternate), commander Alinor Muñoz Torres (holder), commander Darwin Del Aguila Mendoza (substitute) and the eldest Anibal Andrés Lanao Castillo (headline).

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