After for several years Yanet Garcia will seize the title as ‘The Weather Girl’, now it is the turn of Samantha Robles, who also works reporting on the weather in the news of Paco Zea, Being recognized by thousands of viewers and also Internet users.

On this occasion we mention it not only to refer to this nickname but recently it was leaked nails Photographs of this celebrity, images that are part of her website “for fans only”, in which she poses practically without any outfit.

To become even more popular, the young woman decided to show off her figure practically natural, always very coquette and ready for her fans to have excellent entertainment with her on their screens, however, the photos can leak at any time and that’s what happened.

The photos were shared again from Reddit, a social network launched in 2005 where all users freely comment on any topic, there are forums for every taste, it works as an excellent digital tool for people who want more knowledge.

But as we can see, images are also shared, in this case the content Coquettish of Samantha, who could now fear for her job, because she does not know what her bosses might think when they see her in this way on the Internet.

In addition, TVNotas magazine also shared a bit of the photos and we leave you the link here in case you want to go take a look at them.


Samantha Robles / Twitter

Samantha Robles is the flirty new “Weather Girl”.

A person very close to the newscast gave an interview regarding the photos, ensuring that everyone in the production was surprised to see the photos that are circulating on the Internet about her, it seems that she is doing very well in her subscriptions.

Samantha is very fanatic and is even said to have a rock band called Hot Berries, so they think she probably doesn’t care what people say about her.

On television he earns very well, but he knows perfectly well that on this popular website he could earn a lot more through subscriptions, although he never tells his colleagues about how well he is doing.

In Show News we will have to keep an eye on Samanta Robles, the new weather girl who came to surprise her bosses with the exposure of her photos on the internet And we will be informing you in case something arises in her work.


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