Actress Hala Shiha raised a state of controversy on social networking sites, after her last comment on her movie, which is showing “Not Me” now with the artist Tamer Hosni, and her repudiation of him, which led to the emergence of a large campaign of ridicule against her.

Dr. Walid Hindi, a mental health consultant, told “Echo of the Country” that the fluctuating and rapid decisions of the artist Hala Shiha every period, confirms that she has obsessive personality patterns.

Hindi added that the artist Hala Shiha is not fixed on a specific position, which shows her obsessive personality and tends to listen to those around her in addition to their influence on her quickly.

Pointing out that her last conciliator confirms the instability of her feelings, and her mood swings greatly, and besides that, Hala Shiha’s behavior is called phenotypic behavior because religiosity has two manifestations of internal religiosity and external religiosity, and it is assumed that religious behavior stemming from the inside carries my complete conviction and is reflected on my external appearance

He stressed that Hala Shiha’s last behavior indicates that she is a hysterical personality governed by emotion and appearance, and drew attention more than the seriousness of the behavior and its meaning, and also reflects her lack of stability in feelings because religiosity is linked to thought and feelings, and also reflects the inability to take a serious decision based on thought, and this creates a situation A schizophrenic in order to unite with the new situation and live with it, may be a psychological escape from the pressures on her in her artistic position between the lights and fame, which makes some artists live in a state of psychological change in great periods.

And he added, when the experiment fails, she returns to formulate her behavior again, but she did not benefit at all from her mistakes or experience, and often her attitudes are impulsive without thinking about what to do next.