Perseids 2022: when the shooting star night can be seen on Rügen

The Perseids are back. When the annual meteor shower reaches its peak and why it makes sense to watch it from Rügen.


For amateur astronomers, this is often the best time of the year. The Perseids, a meteor shower, ensure that hundreds of shooting stars can be seen in the night sky in a very short time.

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What are the Perseids?

A well-known meteor shower is called the Perseids. It consists of the dissolution products of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. Every year on August 12, the earth crosses the dust trail left in space by the comet discovered in 1862. When the dust particles enter the atmosphere at a high speed, the air molecules start to glow. So we see the light phenomena that meteors produce in the atmosphere as shooting stars.

When exactly can the shooting stars be seen?

In a period between July 17th and August 24th you can see the spectacle in the night sky. The shooting star night is the climax of the meteor shower every year. This year it falls on the night of August 12-13. Whenever the earth’s orbit comes very close to the comet’s former path, the number of shooting stars increases. Over 100 pieces could be counted during the night.

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Why is Rügen a good choice?

Shooting stars and other celestial phenomena are best observed in the dark. It is important to be exposed to as little light pollution as possible, such as from large cities. Due to the very low air pollution on Rügen, this is an ideal place in the region to enjoy the shooting star night, provided the weather plays along and the sky is not overcast.

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