Persecution of the “King of Catalysts” in Porto ends in detention of former competitor of “Factor X” in Gaia

The author of more than 70 thefts since the beginning of the year, popularly known as the “king of catalysts” was being sought by the police since early Thursday morning.

The PSP managed to catch the suspect in flagrante delicto in the area of ​​Boavista, in Porto, which resulted in a police pursuit of more than 19 kilometers from the center of Invicta to São Félix da Marinha, already in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, writes the Jornal de Notícias (JN) in this Saturday’s edition.

According to JN, “the king of catalysts” managed to escape through an area of ​​bush, but the operation allowed the arrest of an alleged accomplice: Dário Ferreira, who was one of the stars in the SIC program, “Factor X”. Daduh King, stage name, was caught by PSP at the end of the chase.

The same newspaper said that Daduh King was watching the movements, while the “king”, called Vítor Macedo, was cutting the catalytic converter of a vehicle parked on the public road, and both managed to take the stolen material to his vehicle.

Daduh King fled to a construction site located nearby, but was identified by residents, who alerted the PSP.

Vítor Macedo escaped through the vegetation, despite several elements of the PSP having traveled to S. Félix da Marinha for the search operation for the man.

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