Perhaps at some point: Spotify is sticking to HiFi plans in principle

Spotify has apparently not yet completely buried its HiFi option for premium users. Basically, they are sticking to their plans for music in hi-fi quality, Spotify has now made clear. The introduction had to be postponed indefinitely.

Spotify had already announced at the beginning of the year that it would bring a new option for premium customers. Spotify HiFi should provide customers with music in an even better quality, i.e. presumably lossless, for additional money. In February Spotify announced the plan to introduce Spotify HiFi before the end of the year.

But then everything turned out differently: Now the year is over and as we know, Spotify HiFi still doesn’t exist, reported. That won’t change in the foreseeable future, but at least: Spotify has not yet given up this plan completely.

Spotify HiFi is not completely dead yet

Spotify is basically still sticking to the introduction of a hi-fi option for premium customers, the music service recently said at the request of the industry service Golem. Artists as well as customers have repeatedly expressed their interest in hi-fi music, according to the company and one agrees with this view.

However, it won’t happen that quickly with Spotify HiFi. At the moment there is no time frame for introducing such a product. One reason for the delay is undoubtedly the introduction of Apple Music Lossless. Apple’s streaming service has been offering lossless music at no extra cost since June, as Spotify cannot keep up with it at first.



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