Perfumes that smell of summer: they are not cloying, they are fresh, youthful and smell very good

Perfumes that smell of summer: they are not cloying, they are fresh, youthful and smell very good

A sunset on the beach, sun cream, strawberry ice cream or blossoming orange trees, these could be some answers if we ask the summer smells. There are studies that support the power of aromas to attract memories and recompose stories in memory, and this is exactly what the perfumes and fragrances that the firms are launching for this long-awaited season. While at other times of the year we opt for floral perfumes, or odors that smell clean, when July arrives, we only want perfumes with the smell of summer

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Los summer perfume They are characterized by being intense, but not too cloying. In them the scents of summer fruits are mixed with the typical flowers of this season in balanced formulas achieved by master perfumers.

While in some of them citrus fruits are given more weight and are less intense and fresher, in others floral fragrances such as rose and orange blossom are the ones that are best identified. There are also some that emulate the characteristic smell of sun creams or the sea breeze, very typical of the 90s.

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The predominant olfactory notes in summer fragrances

  • citrus: orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit add a note of freshness to these aromas, to achieve a balanced and not too intense result.
  • Azahar or orange blossom with their softness they serve as the basis for many of these fragrances, accompanied by other flowers.
  • Jasmine. One of the sweetest and most recurring aromas for this type of fragrance. It is ideal if you like soft aromas that remain over time.
  • Pear, apple, blackberries and other seasonal fruits. They put the aroma that is breathed in the kitchens and in the orchards during these months. Its mixture sublimates the scents of each one of them.
  • herbal notes. They put a humid, earthy and natural note. They are extracted from freshly cut plants such as ferns and palms and from aromatic herbs such as mint, rosemary and thyme.
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1 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: daisy

Experience the same sensory pleasure as walking barefoot through a flowery meadow glistening with morning dew. This eau de toilette with an intoxicating aroma of flowers is perfect for any woman with a romantic soul. From Marc Jacobs. It costs 68.90 euros.


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Perfumes that smell like summer: Amichi Mandarine Musk

Citrus fragrance that captivates us with the aroma of lemon, mandarin and blackcurrant to give way to orange blossom, jasmine and black pepper and culminate with amber, musk and vetiver. From Amichi. It costs 34.95 euros.


3 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: Happy Moments

Immerse yourself in a fragrance that will keep you in a good mood all day! Tous Happy Moments Eau de Toilette for women is the expression of optimism and a feeling of absolute happiness. From Tous. It costs 34.95 euros.

Calvin Klein

4 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: Eternity Woman Summer

This perfume is a vibrant fruity floral that opens with luscious citrus notes of pear and sparkling blood orange. Jasmine absolute adds an intensely floral and warm facet to the heart of this beautiful fragrance that blends beautifully with sandalwood. From Calvin Klein. It costs 36.94 euros.

Elizabeth Arden

5 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: Green Tea Mimosa

Enjoy a tender floral spell throughout the day. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa Eau de Toilette hides thousands of flower petals that will perfectly highlight your femininity and natural charm with its aroma. From Elizabeth Arden. It costs 10.90 euros.


7 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: Eau de Toilette Osmanthus

L’Occitane has gone to China to reveal the beauty of a special ingredient: Osmanthus. This flower is mixed with apricot, pear accord and bitter orange oil. From L’Occitane. It costs 29.00 euros.


8 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: Taj Sunset

Recreate the atmosphere of summer nights with a fruity gourmand fragrance. The Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette for women hides a delicious fruity cocktail with floral notes that will be very difficult for you to resist. Let yourself be carried away by the positive vibes reminiscent of a sunny vacation. From Escada. It costs 51.99 euros.

Carolina Herrera

9 / 10

Perfumes that smell like summer: 212 heroes for her

Formulated with 100% vegan, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free ingredients, this perfume opens with an explosion of citrus fruits that give way to a center note of sensual white flowers and peonies. It costs 44.95 euros.

10 / 10

Perfumes that smell of summer: Orange blossom

Jasmine and orange blossom go hand in hand in this creation by Adolfo Dominguez that wants to represent spring on the streets of Seville. Cuesta 28,99 euros.

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