Boldly “Barys”.

Today Ak Bars beat Barys (6: 3) in the away match of the KHL regular championship. The Kazan team scored more than three goals for the first time this season. Kazan captain played his best match Danis Zaripovwho scored 2 (1 + 1) points. The last time the captain went out on the ice on 24 September.

Dmitry Kagarlitsky and Nikolay Kovalenko / photo: press service of “Ak Bars”

Ak Bars has had problems with implementation this season. Kazan team before the match with Barys was the most throwing team in the East, while scoring the least from the Cup eight. More than three goals this season team Dmitry Kvartalnov did not throw, but today the leopards burst through.

The heroes of the match were Artyom Galimov and Dmitry Kagarlitsky. Galimov scored three assists, and Kagarlitsky, the team’s top scorer, scored a double. The pair Galimov-Kagarlitsky scored especially beautiful goals in the first and second periods.

At the beginning of the match, the attackers created this beauty:

And at the end of the second period, Galimov gave an ideal pass to Kagarlitsky, who just had to get into an empty net:

Separately, it should be noted that Ak Bars has realized three majorities out of five today. Before the match with Barys, Kazan had a terrible conversion – only six goals in the majority and the conversion rate – 10.3. After the victory in Nur-Sultan, the leopards will obviously improve their statistics.

For the first time since September 24 appeared on the ice Danis Zaripovmissed six matches in a row. The 40-year-old striker has just five games and no points this season. Today the Kazan captain corrected the situation – in the first period he helped to score Christian Henkel, and in the second period he scored himself from the transfer Stephen Kampfer.

For the first goal of the season, Zaripov did not have to take big risks – he just successfully ended up at an empty net. On the other hand, this is the scoring flair of the Ak Bars veteran. After the match with Barys, Zaripov established a personal achievement: he scored points already in the 14th season of the KHL.

“We played well, in general. Of course we are satisfied. We scored in the majority, but we were a little nervous on the defensive. We reacted well to the missed puck – we immediately scored a return goal, ”said Kvartalnov after the match.

KHL. Regular season

Barys (Nur-Sultan) – Ak Bars (Kazan) – 3: 6 (1: 2, 1: 4, 1: 0)
October 10th. Barys Arena.
0: 1 Henkel (Zaripov, Burmistrov, 04:09, big)
0: 2 Kagarlitsky (Galimov, 05:35)
1: 2 Berglund (Martinsson, Kunik, 06:44, bol.)
1: 3 Kovalenko (Will, 23:41)
1: 4 Panyukov (Galimov, Kovalenko, 27:30, big)
2: 4 Orekhov (Shestakov, 30:57)
2: 5 Zaripov (Kampfer, 31:30)
2: 6 Kagarlitsky (Galimov, Kempfer, 38:18, bol.)
3: 6 Berglund (Martinson, Kunik, 40:44)
Goalkeepers: Ortio (Boyarkin, 41:00) – Bilyalov.

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