Max Verstappen is very successful with his new teammate Sergio Pérez. The Mexican is impressed by the performance of Verstappen, who won the Monaco Grand Prix last Sunday. According to Pérez, the Dutchman makes no mistakes, unlike the competition.

While Pérez struggles to get used to his new team and the RB16B in the first few races, Verstappen has been battling Lewis Hamilton for victories and lead in the championship from race one. Hamilton managed to win three of the first four races and seemed to be the favorite for the world title before the race in Monte Carlo, but after last Sunday’s victory by Verstappen, he is suddenly the new leader in the World Cup. The Red Bull driver took full advantage of Hamilton’s seventh place, which is now four points behind in the championship. The other Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas also had a disastrous race. He had to end the fight early from P2 due to a wheel that did not come off his car during a pit stop.

Perfect result for Red Bull

Although Mercedes seems slightly stronger than Red Bull Racing on most circuits, the Austrian team had a perfect Sunday in Monaco, as Pérez saw afterwards. “Today is a great day for the team and I am very happy for Max, he did a fantastic job and now we are leading both championships.” Partly due to Pérez’s fourth place, his team has one point ahead in the constructors’ championship, although the 31-year-old driver of course also knows that Verstappen angled in the most points for Red Bull.

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Verstappen flawlessly

The new teammate of Verstappen enjoys the racing skills of the Limburger. “He’s had a fantastic weekend. He hasn’t made a single mistake, but he hasn’t actually done that all year, while other drivers are making mistakes. That was also the case in this race”, concludes Pérez. who sees that Verstappen is in top form. “Max is doing really well and is riding at a very, very high level.”