Changes in the Argentine Confederation are ongoing. After an intense day where the continuity of Sergio Hernndez at the head of the senior team until the Tokyo Olympics and the approval of FIBA ​​for the change of the statute was known, now the leaders of the CABB aimed at the change and development of their minor areas.

The one who joins is none other than Pepe Snchez, Director of Baha Basket, an organization that competes in the National League and that built an elite development center for its quarries. Since last year, under the administration of Federico Susbielles, the team has had its preparation starting point at the Down Center, a new complex that functions as the home of Baha Basket. Now many more quarries were moving in their preparation to the same location in Baha Blanca.

CABB’s project is for Pepe Snchez to coordinate and organize all the minor categories, both male and female, from U17 and below, also working on the technical development of the kids. We believe that it is the best option for a new stage in Argentina to add not only a huge former player of the Golden Generation, but also a young leader, with a professional look and new ideas, as the world demands., CABB President Fabin Borro confessed to Pick And Roll. The new Coordinator of the minors of the Confederation will be officially presented next Monday.

Pepe Snchez after concluding his stage as a player retiring in Baha Basket in the 2012/2013 season took the lead of the franchise that replaced the historic Students giving him a new vision in the recruitment of young values ​​and working for the professional development of those players.

Her franchise became the three-time champion of the Development League that is orchestrated by the Club Association and although it initially nurtured players who were already largely developed, it empowered them to their professional leap, such as Juan Pablo Vaulet, Gastn Whelan, Lucio Redivo, to later work with younger resources such as Facundo Corvaln, Santiago Vaulet, Fermin Thygesen, Mximo Fjellerup, Leandro Bolmaro, Martn Fernndez, among others.

During the present pandemic, two months ago, Pepe Snchez had a chat on Instagram Live with the former player and current president of Estudiantes de La Plata Sebastin Vern and in the same he maintained that The Selection is something sacred to us beyond the achievements we had. So I have the intention and I would love to give you the service that the Dow Center can be a bit what Ezeiza’s property is for the AFA.

In addition, the former base of the national team expanded: I would like to be able to offer the minor teams, women and men, with the same rights, everything exactly the same. This is what happened to me in college: we all had the same beyond that some generated more income than others.

In addition to the restructuring, the CABB managers decided to put the renowned teacher and training coach at the head of the National Mini Basketball Department as general coordinator. Ricardo Bojanich who had previously passed through that position in the 2011/2012 season.

Juan Ignacio Albuquerque
@ JuaniA10
Pick and Roll