People with diabetes can eat 14 delicious low-glycemic fruits

Eating fruit helps satisfy hunger and provides the right daily nutritional values. However, most fruits contain sugar, and not always suitable for people with diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic condition and requires adequate and always under control nutrition. But is fruit bad for diabetics? People with diabetes can eat 14 delicious low-glycemic fruits.

For example, strawberries and blueberries with a thousand secrets help reduce blood sugar and high blood pressure.

But the list is extensive, let’s start with the low glycemic index fruits and the medium index ones. Then, let’s analyze which fruits should be eaten also considering the glycemic load.

People with diabetes can eat 14 delicious low-glycemic fruits

Here is the list, reported by the Department of Agriculture (USDA), of 14 fruits with a glycemic index of less than 55 and a glycemic load of less than 10:

1) mele;

2) avocado;

3) berries;

4) cherries;

5) banana;

6) grapefruit;

7) kiwi;

8) orange;

9) pere;

10) peaches;

11) plums;

12) strawberries;

13) grapes;

14) nectarines.

There are many contradictory ideas about cherries, but this study makes it clear that those with diabetes can eat the tasty and seductive cherries.

On the other hand, fruits with a glycemic index considered medium (from 56 to 69) and a glycemic load always lower than 10, are:

a) figs;

b) green melon;

c) pineapple;

d) papaya.

Fruits to avoid are those with a glycemic index greater than 70 and a glycemic load greater than 20. People with diabetes can eat fruit with a low glycemic index.

A study by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) published in the British Medical Journal found that increased fruit use is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, fruit preparation can negatively affect blood sugar. In fact, fresh fruit is better than processed fruit and made into dried fruit or fruit juices.

People with diabetic conditions should be careful with processed foods, their use can worsen the condition.

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