People who think Corona is a conspiracy get it faster –

Was Corona invented by Bill Gates? Or by the World Economic Forum? If you answer yes to any of these questions, there is a good chance that you will get or have already had the disease. People who believe in a conspiracy surrounding the pandemic are more likely to become infected. This is evident from a study by, among others, the Free University.

The researchers analyzed the data of 5745 Dutch people during the pandemic. These participants were representative of the Dutch population, the study was in collaboration with Kieskompas. These people indicated, among other things, to what extent they believed that Corona was a biological weapon, deliberately released on the population.

A few months after the first study, the subjects were given a second one. In it, they had to indicate, among other things, whether they had already had Corona themselves. Believers in the various conspiracy theories were more likely to be affected by the disease, while undergoing far less than average testing. The actual numbers are therefore much higher, the researchers believe.

The reluctance to test also points to the higher infection rates, according to the scientists. People who believe in a conspiracy are less careful, they write in the journal Psychological Medicine. Their attitude to the pandemic is that it’s bullshit, so they don’t follow any rules.

Another side effect of believing in malice is that people lost friends and were previously unemployed during the pandemic. In general, the rest of the population should have few of these types.



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