People were killed by beheading a low-flying plane on July 15.

Former AKP Şanlıurfa Deputy Mahzar Closedargued that “people were martyred by beheading low-flying F-16s” during the July 15 coup attempt.

AKP’s Prof. Dr. Mazhar Bagli spoke about the July 15 coup attempt in the program he participated in HaberTürk.

closed, “When the FETO terrorist organization attempted a coup, for the first time, the society achieved incredible success by writing a great heroic epic in a way that no one could predict or predict. On the night of July 15, people were martyred by beheading the low-flying F-16s on the 11th floor.” used the phrase.

Bagli’s statements quickly became a hot topic on social media.

Mahzar Bagli, who was an AKP deputy and MKYK member for a while, was elected President of the Republic on March 15, 2017. Tayyip Erdogan’s He was appointed as the Rector of Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University. Bagli was dismissed by YÖK on 26 March 2020 due to disciplinary penalties. He is currently working as the Chairman of the Science Board in Esenler Municipality of AKP.

“I said it metaphorically”

In the later parts of the program, when the program hosts reminded the reactions on social media regarding his words, Mazhar Bağlı said, “head on the plane“claim”figuratively speaking‘ he suggested.

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