People from the capital crowd a spa in Iztapalapa

Of course it is Saturday of Glory for him elbe spain Iztapalapa that this day, looks full, stuck.

There isn’t a millimeter of space in the pool, the smell of chlorine is pervasive, that doesn’t matter, if you can cool off, eat a ceviche, smoke a cigarette.

The tables are full of food, wings, potatoes, toast, everything imaginable is there, waters, soft drinks.

Carlos Rodríguez said that “people are so happy with so little, if we wait until we have everything, we will not have anything.”

“I would like to take them elsewhere, but it is what it is, and sometimes it is not the purchasing power but how one spends it”.

He reflected on the people who find satisfaction in a Starbucks, they in this resort in Mexico City.

From a balcony, Mr. Carlos was looking for his family but the crowd is so high that it is unlikely that anyone will be found.

“If I don’t see them, I’m going to have to wait, I brought them potatoes for 20 pesos, if they don’t eat them here, let them do it at home.”

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