Pensions: Olivier Véran again gets his feet stuck in the carpet

Pensions: Olivier Véran again gets his feet stuck in the carpet

published on Monday, March 06, 2023 at 3:30 p.m.

Olivier Véran judged, at the microphone of France 2, Monday March 6, that the government had other “emergencies” to manage than the pension reform. Comments returned against him by the left.

Olivier Véran must probably bite his tongue.

The government spokesperson estimated, Monday, March 6, at the microphone of France 2, that the executive does not only have the pension file on its table to have to manage. “In the government, we don’t just have pension reform ahead of us, we also have all the day-to-day emergencies for the French, including the rain,” he said, referring to the ongoing drought. . An exit that the left turns against him, on the eve of a mobilization which promises to be massive against the pension reform.

“Olivier Véran finally admits that this project is not urgent”

“He is right: we must therefore withdraw this reform quickly”, slammed Boris Vallaud, the president of the socialist group in the National Assembly, on his Twitter account. The words of the government spokesperson may surprise, since for several weeks, Elisabeth Borne and her ministers have been insisting that the project is absolutely essential.

Olivier Véran finally admits that this project is not urgent. Worse ! It is unnecessary and unfair. Now withdraw your reform!”retorts the rebellious Bastien Lachaud, also on Twitter.“Absolutely, Mr. Véran. This is why the government must withdraw the pension reform”added Cyrielle Chatelain, the president of the environmental group in the National Assembly.

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This is not the first time that the government spokesman has been in trouble in recent weeks. The former Minister of Health had judged, Wednesday, March 1, that“bring France to a standstill” would amount to “take the risk of an ecological, agricultural, health catastrophe”to be neglected “the health of our children” or even to “to miss the train of the future”. An alarmist tone that had raised the hair of his opponents.



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