Pensions, increases start in September (up to 250 euros): refunds and revaluations, all the news

Pensions, increases start in September (up to 250 euros): refunds and revaluations, all the news

Pensions by Massimiliano Jattoni Dall’Asn In the pensions of September 2023 there will be an increase. The INPS had in fact authorized months ago the payment of arrears and increases to pensioners and now the time has finally come for the accreditation. Adding up arrears and tax refunds, there are those who could see the check rise up to 250 euros. To soften the impact, at least for the month of September, are the deductions for municipal, regional and Irpef surtaxes. While the government is preparing to address the discounted issue of the pension reform (Quota 103 expires at the end of the year), let’s see how they will improve and for whom the allowances will be paid in the coming months. The increases Following the cut in the tax wedge, envisaged by the 2023 Budget Law, those under 75 who receive the minimum pension will see an increase of 1.5 points. For the over 75s, the increase of 6.64 percentage points, for a minimum amount of 600 euros per month. The adjustments Another credit regards the adjustment for the 730 tax return form. For those who are entitled to it and have submitted their declaration on time, indicating their social security institution as withholding agent, the September pension will be a little higher. Withholdings The September slip will also see withholdings relating to regional, municipal and Irpef surtaxes, which will reduce the allowance. How to collect your pension and whenThe dates for payment of the checks in September are the same as always. If you go to the post office, you must follow the alphabetical order. Friday 1 September we start with surnames A and B, Saturday 2 September (only in the morning) it’s up to C and D, Monday 4 September the surnames from E to K, Tuesday 5 September the surnames from L to O, Wednesday 6 September i surnames from P to R. Finally, Thursday 7 September will be the turn of those with a surname from S to Z. As for those who receive the check directly into their bank account, they just have to wait. Subscribe to the newsletter of The Economy Whatever it Takes by Federico Fubini The challenges for the economy and markets in an unstable world Europe Matters by Francesca Basso and Viviana Mazza Europe, the United States and Italy that count, with innovations and important decisions, but also the small stories of importance One More Thing by Massimo Sideri From the world of science and technological innovation the news that changes our lives (more than we think) And don’t forget the newsletters L’Economia Opinioni and The Economy 6 pm 31 Aug 2023 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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