Pension reform: the statements of Olivier Véran, against the postponement to 64 years in 2014, reappear

Pension reform: the statements of Olivier Véran, against the postponement to 64 years in 2014, reappear

published on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 5:34 p.m.

Almost ten years ago, when he was a deputy for the Socialist Party and rapporteur for the Social Security budget, the current government spokesman took a stand against retirement at 64.

All shots are allowed in the fight between the majority and the rest of the Assembly, about pension reform. And it is certainly not the members of La France insoumise who will deprive themselves of showing their cards.

This is how, via her Twitter account, the LFI deputy, Caroline Fiat, broadcast a video montage showing an Olivier Véran widely opposed to a decline in the retirement age, reports BFM TV, Monday, February 13. Speeches dating from October 2013 and November 2014, in which the position of the former Minister of Health, then deputy of the Socialist Party, left no doubt: “Reducing the retirement age to 65, which is requested by the right and the UMP in particular, would have been a very unfair option”. “If you had the courage that you demanded of others, Olivier Véran, you would never have operated such a reversal of jacket”writes also writes Caroline Fiat, on the sidelines of its publication.

“A doubly unjust will”

But Olivier Véran is not the only member of the current Government to have changed his mind over time. BFM TV also recalls that Élisabeth Borne, current Prime Minister, did not want a postponed retirement age either. “The Senate (…) wants to postpone pensions to 64. It is not the will of this majority to back down on the rights of the French”she indicated in the hemicycle, in November 2014. Same thing in 2010 for Olivier Dussopt, now Minister of Labour, who denounced at the time a “doubly unjust will” in the face of the pension reform aimed at raising the age from 62 to 64, then put forward by the government of François Fillon, underlines the news channel.

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