Pension reform: “a succession of errors” according to former President François Hollande

Pension reform: “a succession of errors” according to former President François Hollande

Invited on the set of “BFM Politique”, the former head of state was not kind to his former minister and successor Emmanuel Macron. He also noted a “very strong anger”.

The former President of the Republic, François Hollande, was not kind to his successor. Invited to comment on the sequence of the pension reform on the set of BFM Politique, this Sunday, March 26, the former head of state considered that Emmanuel Macron and his government had committed “a succession of errors”.

Timing, content…

The first: a timing error. “It was decided to reform pensions at the worst time, in a context of high inflation, purchasing power necessarily amputated and concern because there is a war in Ukraine”. The second, on the content. “When you propose a pension reform that requires effort from those who worked hard and early and nothing from those with the highest incomes, it is also a misinterpretation,” tackled Mr. Hollande.

Method, procedure…

Then comes “an error of method”, the former president regretting that his successor turned to Les Républicains than the unions. Finally, there is “a procedural error” according to François Hollade, by initiating the reform via a Social Security financing law and “ending with a 49.3 when he had claimed the opposite”.

Et communication !

The former head of state adds one last, “a communication error”. Explaining: “We were expecting the President of the Republic on Tuesday so that he could calm the situation and he exacerbated it with more unpleasant words for the leaders of the CFDT”.

According to François Hollande, the social climate is currently marked by “a level of anger and resentment as rarely (he) has known”. Emmanuel Macron will appreciate.

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