The pensions should rise by more than five percent in the coming year, it was said most recently. But now the traffic light is putting a spanner in the works of this increase in purchases.

For the more than 20 million pensioners in Germany, the coalition agreement between the SPD, Greens and FDP holds a downside. The traffic light coalition wants to put the so-called catch-up factor in the pension calculation that has been suspended so far back into force, as can be seen from the coalition agreement presented on Wednesday.

This means that the pension cut that was not made this year will have an effect in the coming year, which would actually have been mathematically necessary due to the wage development. The rise in pensions in 2022 will be reduced by around 0.6 percentage points, the news agency Reuters learned from circles of the future coalition.

Because: the catching-up factor is actually responsible for compensating for the legally impossible pension cut in years after a theoretically necessary reduction in earnings – for example with zero rounds or lower increases in pensions.

For the coming year, a pension increase of 5.2 percent in the west and 5.9 percent in the east has been expected. Specifically, the figures will only be known when final data on wage developments are available.


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