Peñarol and Boston River in a key match: it is the train they have to take to dream of the title – Ovation – 05/21/2022

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And Penarol y Boston River They intend to continue fighting for the title of champion of the Opening Tournament today they have no other path than that of victory. The chickadee receives the Tailor from 19:30 in the Champion of the Century Stadium and the two are forced to add three to pursue that great goal.

And it will be a complicated game for the mirasol that, in addition to being local and having the obligation to stay with the victory, will have a tough test to see how the squad responds to the emotional blow that the failure they reaped on Tuesday meant, being eliminated from the Liberators cup.

The emotional always plays an important role and today will not be the exception for a Penarol who arrives beaten but has the need to win because otherwise he will say goodbye to the chance to continue fighting for the Apertura.

The sunflower He will have a rival on the other side who is also playing his chances. Boston River He arrives in fifth place and is one point below Peñarol. El Sastre has been having a very good campaign with six wins, three draws and the same number of losses so far this season under the leadership of Ignacio Ithurralde.

The rojiverde comes from falling in a great game against Liverpool by 3 to 2 and today he will seek recovery to continue having real chances of reaching the top.

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That is why in addition to the obligation to add, you also have to take into account the styles of play of one and the other. Currently, Boston River has tried to maintain a line that brought it to date 13 with clear championship chances, while Peñarol wanders in the midst of an irregularity that it cannot overcome locally and much less internationally.

But beyond that, the charcoal burner in the Apertura has two wins in a row and today he will go in search of his third consecutive win to confirm that he wants to fight for the title.

It is clear that they will have to improve and a lot to achieve a victory today because on the other side they will have a team that tries to show solidity and that also needs to add because tonight Penarol y Boston River they have the train to take if they want to dream of the title of champion of the Opening Tournament.

Ignacio Ithurralde.  Photo: Estefania Leal.
Ignacio Ithurralde. Photo: Estefania Leal.

Boston River goes in search of a historic result

Statistics are there to be broken and Boston River today will go to the Champion of the Century in search of that. The Barrio Bolívar team has never beaten Peñarol since it was in the First Division and tonight they will go in search of a historical fact.

And Ignacio Ithurralde’s team is capable of achieving that goal, which will also have a very good impact on their aspirations in the Apertura Tournament since they are fourth and if they win against the aurinegro they will climb the table and will be very well placed ahead of the closing of the contest.

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It is that a very good campaign put Boston River in the fight for the title today, although he knows that against Peñarol he has no other option than to win because otherwise he will say goodbye to any chance in the Apertura.

And if he wins, the Tailor will add three gold points but he will also achieve a historical fact that he has not yet been able to achieve: defeating the mirasol.

Since Boston River ascended to the privileged circle of Uruguayan soccer for the first time in the 2016-2017 season, they faced Peñarol 15 times and all were for the Uruguayan Championship.

At the moment, the balance is widely favorable to the aurinegra institution that of those 15 games won 12 and the remaining three ended in a draw.

The peculiarity is that the 12 charcoal wins were consecutive since in the first three clashes the result was always the same: goalless draw. And one of those equalities was in the 2016-2017 season in the Champion of the Century, where today the faces will be seen again.

The truth is that Boston River wants to win and if it does today, it will achieve something that it has never achieved so far: beat Peñarol.

Mauricio Larriera in the duel between MC Torque and Peñarol.  Photo: Marcelo Bonjour.
Mauricio Larriera. Photo: Marcelo Bonjour.


Penarol – Boston River

Stadium: Champion of the Century
Time: 19:30
Television: VTV Plus / Star +
Referee: Gustavo Tejera. Assistants: Andrés Nievas and Héctor Bergaló.
Fourth referee: Diego Dunajec.
VAR: Esteban Ostojich and Nicolás Taran

Kevin Dawson
Matías Aguirregaray, Hernán Menosse, Edgar Elizalde, Juan Ramos
Rodrigo Saravia, Walter Gargano
Ignacio Laquintana, Pablo Ceppelini, Federico Carrizo
Agustin Alvarez Martinez
Coach Mauricio Larriera

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Santiago Silva
Marco Mancebo, Carlos Valdez, Guzman Rodriguez, Maximiliano Villa
Alan Rodriguez, Facundo Rodriguez, Jose Alberti, Rodrigo Perez
Alexander Machado, Alvaro Lopez
DT Ignacio Ithurralde



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