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Beauty contests are not tourist promotion campaigns or official advertising, but symbolic violence, which is why they are prohibited, according to the local Congress.

Mexico City, July 14 (However) .– Oaxaca could be one of the state mexicans more progressive, comparable even with the capital mexican. The Congress determined that the interruption of pregnancy; prohibited the sale from food Scrap a minors old (sugary drinks and foods with high caloric content). And now he has taken another step: contests Y Beauty contests that promote stereotypes sexist or discriminate will be considered –and punished– as “violence symbolic”.

The reform approved by the Congress of the state and promoted by Deputy Magaly López Domínguez, of Morena, establishes that the beauty pageants are “symbolic violence” and what is the use of public resources is prohibited in this type of event where physical characteristics of girls, adolescents and women are evaluated.

The addition of Article 18 Bis of the State Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Gender Violence will prevent government institutions from considering these events as tourist promotion campaigns or official advertising.

“The aforementioned law prohibits municipalities, state agencies, as well as autonomous bodies, from allocating official advertising or subsidies to promote these activities,” the statement read.

The Deputy’s proposal was ruled by the Permanent Commission for Gender Equality of the LXIV Legislature of Oaxaca.

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