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Peloton's "Grace From Boston" Holiday Announcement Angered the Internet – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CNN / CBS) – Peloton, the home bike start-up, has released a new holiday announcement that has a lot of internet. Critics on social media are accusing society of peddling a negative body image and wondering if "Grace from Boston" has an unhealthy relationship.

The 30-second spot, which you can watch here, shows a husband who surprises his wife with a platoon. She begins to document her fitness journey in a vlog, riding after work and reluctantly getting up at 6am to get on the bike.

Through the window, the public can see that the winter has turned into spring and then into summer. In the fall, a Peloton Instructor on screen in front of her acknowledges her efforts: "Let's go, Grace from Boston!

Grace, always at home in Boston, is delighted. But for whom is the vlog? The big revelation is that Grace shows her annual vlog to her husband as a thank you for the gift.

"A year ago, I did not know how much it would change me," she says, now a fervent supporter of Peloton.

Why people are angry

So what is the most offensive part of this ad?

Critics have suggested that it was sexism. In a biting clip (Warning: explicit language) actress Eva Victor skewers the fact that a husband bought an apartment bike from his wife apparently without advice – what message does this send to the woman? Does he want to push her toward weight loss?

Other tweets have had a similar tone.

The advertising is of course fictional and it is possible that the Grace fiction of Boston loves fitness and dreams of owning a Peloton bike. But on the Internet, she will find a new life as a member.

The company has not posted any response on social media. Platoon did not comment on CNN.

Platoon and privilege

Peloton's past commercials have not generated as much buzz as this one, but the critics have hit the privileged consumers they represent and on which they sell.

In one wire, a Twitter user who uses the Heywood Clue handle is mocked by all the Platoon ads that take place in homes worth millions of dollars, with "panoramic lounges" and "zen gardens under glass," putting featuring thin women and men who do not sweat. as much as they twinkle.

Quick business speculated that Peloton "dragged" us all with this 30-second spot, that the brand turned its "lack of notoriety" into a marketing tool. It is illuminated online and the action PTON has progressed by nearly 5% Monday, but it has not yet been possible to convince detractors to buy motorcycles.

The lack of awareness has not stopped in the past: the same week, CEO John Foley told CNN Business that the bike, with a starting price of $ 2,245, was "incredibly affordable". That's about two-thirds of the average rent for an apartment in Manhattan, which could be difficult to sell for consumers outside the middle class.

(© Copyright 2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc. – All Rights Reserved.) Scottie Andrew of CNN contributed to this report.

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