Peláez plays his last card in Chivas – Ruben Rodriguez


Burden Chivas They are a real party, they live a constant lack of control and go through one of their worst crises of identity, control and power, which they miss because of the family they belong to. No one assumes their role that matches them, not players on the field, team owners, directors at their desks, and even external voices (representatives, sponsors, partners, ex-players, etc.) who make them feel, hear and join times try to make decisions in the club via some members of the team, looking for field wins and wins, as is the case in most first division clubs, and where they usually build a zone of control from their perspective the team about whomever it may be, a phantom power, which I don’t know how but it makes him feel.

This Chivas is lost from head to toe, in recent weeks several voices have been heard, including those of some players, who of course no longer play, other second-tier managers and sometimes those of the main desk against the continuity of the current coach, although others of entered the same nature to defend the project and express their total rejection of cutting another coaching staff without being directly responsible for the crisis in results and football presented by the team.

Fortunately, the owner of the team was not in the country, Amaury Vergara was focused on other businesses, which today generate more and better satisfaction than Chivas.

Upon his return, his cover was immediately collected for an x-ray of what is happening in the team, which is a reflection of what happened to Tomás Boy, Luis Fernando Tena, Víctor Manuel Vucetich, Marcelo Michel Leaño, and the one who tell me about the last three years in the rojiblanco team. The voices who try to move the Cadena process, and who day by day add more players from the Basic Forces to the first team to their ranks, and some manager who plays second to add to their supposed strength, are not not heard at all. and received

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Ricardo Peláez and company continue in limbo in terms of cutting or following up, as he knows that his last card as the team’s chief sporting officer is up for grabs, so he listens and meditates with his pillow, where there is less noise.


In the dressing room the players are starting to take a more leading role every day and I think this should not agree with them, because far from defending the coach or that on many occasions, as in all the teams in the world, they team up to counter that, the group prefers on this occasion, mostly, the continuity of Cadena, since he is a technician who can drive better, and can speak and address more directly, and because a change of direction at this point would leave them lose more than usual, that’s why the sample held at the end of the game against the Atlas.

While the owner of the team tries to give everyone their place and listen to both their affiliates, managers, players and environment, although his presence at the Akron pen on Saturday was to realize how the team looks and how it is in a unfavorable situation responded. This week will be crucial for Chivas as he will not feature in the middle of it, and it will be until Friday that the matchday 10 match against Necaxawhere the attitude and result will dictate the next decision for the team and will be exclusively on the direct orders of the owner of Chivas, who once again did not get the results he requested and demanded.

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This Chivas seems to be a team for everyone and no one. Where all its internal and external participants give their opinion, suggest and try to take personal advantage, instead of a collective advantage that this team very much needs, which day by day loses its greatness and in its fans the ability to wonder about how they are doing, some Chivas who have been abused and not because of lack or lack of interest, but because of bad decisions, poorly managed projects and unfulfilled promises, an abused hobby that was offered free tickets in return and no commitment and responsibility when it from the desk to the field one of the two most important shirts in Mexican football.

Guadalajara today needs order and control transferred from top to bottom, it urgently needs an internal clean-up and a shake-up in all its branches, Chivas cannot exist from its successful past, by the way already far and what a day for day against them play day to the Chivas of all.




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