Pedro Piqueras breaks his silence about his girlfriend and his relationship with his son

Pedro Piqueras breaks his silence about his girlfriend and his relationship with his son

The director and presenter of Informativos Telecinco, Pedro Piqueras, has opened up like never before with Jesús Calleja about two aspects that he has kept away from his public profile: his girlfriend and his son

Pedro Piqueras (67 years old) has been the last protagonist of ‘Planeta Calleja’ and has opened his heart like few times. Music lover, in fact he was a singer, passionate about communication and journalism and a man who tries to keep his life discreet when the cameras of Informativos Telecinco go off, the journalist has spoken with Jesús Calleja about his relationship with his only son.

During their trip together to La Palma, Pedro Piqueras and Jesús Calleja have shared several confessions. Calleja has not hesitated to ask the news presenter about his personal life, something he never talks about. “I don’t know if you’re married, if you have children…”, he asked her. Pedro Piqueras has felt comfortable and has given some brushstrokes about how his heart is.

“It’s not that I don’t want anyone to know anything, I try to protect the people who are with me. All of us who have been in this for a long time have established that type of wall,” he began by telling. After this he recounted: “Well, I was married -with Ana, the mother of her only son- and Now I have another type of non-marital relationship“.

Pedro Piqueras

Pedro Piqueras in ‘Planeta Calleja’.


Pedro Piqueras did not want to mention Esther Barriga, his second partner and with whom he shares his life. Esther has a degree in Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine. Both have a discreet life outside the spotlight and share hobbies, such as active life, music or gastronomy. They live calm and happy in privacy. Piqueras did not want to speak more or go further.

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“Nobody knows my friends either, I’m talking about my lifelong friends from Albacete. They don’t even care if I’m known or notif I have a public or non-public job and we talk about the same bullshit as always”, he said. For the journalist to open his heart like this and visit the adventure and interview program is “an entire event”, because he always maintains his personal life outside of his work.

Piqueras speaks like never before about his relationship with his son, Curro

Pedro Piqueras does not think about retirement. “Every time I think about it, I am lazy to do it because I am fortunate to work in something that I like. They would almost have to throw me out for me to retire,” he recounted. The journalist says that he is “for parties and talks” more than going out at night and that in his life he has had fun but “not too much.” “I’m happy with the things I’ve done in life, I don’t regret anything,” he began by telling.

Of course, he has regretted many things that he has lost due to work. “I do not regret what I have done, perhaps I regret what I have not done. At work I missed being a correspondent in a foreign country, I would have loved it, and then there are other things you miss when you go out at ten every night“He started counting.

Pedro Piqueras

Pedro Piqueras is honest on television.


“For example, the first course of any dinner, because when you arrive all the friends are almost at dessert, going to the movies on a Thursday afternoon… I have not raised my son, it is true. I remember that I had the early morning schedule and I would get up at eight in the evening to be with him for a while and I would go to work at 11 at night after he had gone to bed. He came back at 10 in the morning.

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I remember an anecdote when we were doing work at home because a pipe broke and my son told the bricklayer ‘that’s work and not like my father who sleeps all day’. Sure you miss things, but He has never thrown it in my face. I have a wonderful son“, explained the presenter of Informativos Telecinco.

Now Curro is 38 years old and is the great pride of his father. “He has never blamed me because the days that I have had I have lived intensely with him, even When I separated, I had the chance to see him every day. and there was a time when I worked in the morning and picked him up from school”.



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