The Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) determined that the color scheme of the new bicycle taxis in Mexico City will be very similar to the taxis of the 1950s popularly known as “crocodiles.”

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The agency published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City the requirements for the chromaticity of bicycle taxis.

“They will be green with black and will have a strip of crocodile-like triangles, alluding to the cars that, in the fifties, served the public as a taxi,” the agency reported.

On the awning and sides, all units will have the word “CICLOTAXI” and their identification number visible.

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They will have yellow reflective tape on the lower part of the front, reflective vinyl safety triangles on the back and reflective mica on the wheels, both in red.

In case of having elements to facilitate the ascent and descent of people with physical disabilities, the pictogram with the International Symbol of Accessibility must be added adjacent to the door.

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The Semovi carries out a modernization and ordering of the bicycle taxis that provide service in various city halls of the capital and, particularly, in the Historic Center.

The unit powers two models of cyclo-taxis, one a pedal-powered monocar and the other a pedal-powered vehicle towing a calender.

On October 1, Semovi published the guidelines for social action to replace old cyclotaxi units in the Historic Center, to provide financial support of up to 30 thousand pesos to those who replace their unit with one of the three approved models.

“In this way, the almost 300 units that will be replaced to provide a better service in the first frame will have the new chromatic,” he said.

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