At the beginning of August the new school year starts in the first federal states. Practically everywhere you want to teach regular operations again and open the daycare centers. How does that work?

If the infection rates in the population are as low as they are at the moment, I see no problem. But we have to prepare for other contingencies when the numbers rise again.

Are the schools prepared?

In the meantime, the ministries of culture have developed hygiene concepts everywhere. However, it will only be possible to judge with certainty whether these are sufficient when school starts again. In any case, the studies and observations to date indicate that the schools pose no particular risk. How it looks after the holiday, of course, cannot be said at the moment – certain risk areas and risk behaviors on holiday can change all this again. So far we have only seen very few so-called superspreader events in schools worldwide. And of course the teachers who carry these infections to school can also play a role. But overall, schools are certainly not a higher risk than other areas of public life.