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The fourth wave of COVID-19 for Florida was tough. Hospitalizations skyrocketed, pushing several hospitals to work to the limit, and consequently deaths from the virus increased. However, similar to what happened last year, after an intense summer, the situation is beginning to calm down.

Average new COVID-19 infections per day across the state this week is 2,999, according to data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control, according to its acronym in English). Is he lowest number that has been since the beginning of July, when in the middle of summer the fourth wave was fired, powered by the Delta variant. Today marks eleven consecutive days with infections below 4 thousand every 24 hours.

The hardest point occurred in mid-August, at which time the state averaged 21,000 new coronavirus infections a day. By September the situation had improved but with still high numbers, an average of 11 thousand cases a day.

On Tuesday, the last day the state reported new cases, there were 2,505 new cases as confirmed by the CDC. With 86,181 new cases in the country in the last seven days, Florida accounts for 3.5 percent of those cases. In August, came to have 20 percent of the cases in the country, a huge percentage considering that the state has about 25 million people makes up just under 7 percent of the total population.

Paciente de coronavirus en Florida. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo
Paciente de coronavirus en Florida. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo

As expected, with the improvement in the general situation, the percentage rate of positives and the number of hospitalizations has also decreased considerably. According to the Florida Hospital Association, In the summer there were 17 thousand patients admitted to hospitals with COVID-19, today that number dropped to 3,353, based on the compilation of data from 255 hospitals in the state made by the Department of Health and Human Services of the Nation.

To date, COVID-19 patients make up 6 percent of intensive hospital beds in the state, a considerable improvement of 6.36 percent a day earlier. Regarding the intensive therapies, 14.55 percent of patients are there for coronavirus.

The coronavirus issue, in part, has turned political. Florida, under the leadership of Ron DeSantis, is at the forefront of the movement in the country in which it is intended to return to a normal life. Although there is unrestricted access to the vaccine and the benefit of inoculation is insisted, in the state no mandatory vaccination is required of anyone, something that collides with federal vaccination mandates. For months, Florida also does not have a rule that indicates the need to use face masks. Some school districts are asking students for it, and the state is fighting them. Finally in this state It is not allowed to ask for proof of vaccination to access any building or space, With the exception of the cruise ships that won a lawsuit against the government to be able to request the vaccination card from their employees and passengers.

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