pCloud from Switzerland cheaper: lifetime cloud with up to 10 TB

The well-known Swiss cloud provider pCloud stands for its secure infrastructure and the popular cloud licenses with one-time payments. You can still take advantage of the discounted special prices until October 5.

The world is getting more expensive – and faster and faster. Prices don’t just go up in the supermarket or at the gas station. Online services also have their place, which can quickly become expensive, especially with monthly recurring subscriptions. If you want to put an end to the subscription madness, you should visit pCloud.

Behind the Swiss company is a young, international team that has completely rethought the cloud business. Instead of relying solely on the industry-typical subscription, users can purchase a cloud license with lifetime use. The lifetime plans for individual users are especially reduced on German Unification Day – but you can also use the discount on the storage packages with 500 GB, 2 TB and 10 TB in Switzerland.

Swiss cloud with one-time payment: -80% cheaper until October 5th

Swiss location: data protection and security are top priorities

Anyone who thinks about the cloud inevitably ends up with the big players from the US. Especially with regard to data protection, you need to be prepared for a lot here. Because the law grants the state authorities many “freedoms”. A company like pCloud, on the other hand, must comply with the regulations that apply in Switzerland.

  • Top data protection: The Swiss guidelines in terms of data protection are very similar to the GDPR. As a user, you can rely on the safe handling of your data.
  • Self-powered servers: While most cloud providers rent their servers, pCloud owns their own. As a result, they are also subject to Swiss law and their security can be controlled much more intensively.
  • No data loss: Data stored in pCloud is mirrored in multiple locations to guarantee availability in the event of failures. In addition, the data centers are equipped with various alarm systems.
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pCloud Encryption: Encryption at the highest level

Although your data is already in good hands with pCloud, the manufacturer wants to give its users full control – or to put it another way: take all control away from themselves. Because with pCloud Encryption, a separate folder with a password is provided on the client side. Only you have access to it now.

This already very cheap add-on is also being reduced in price. You currently only pay 99 euros for this – once, of course.

pCloud Encryption: Encryption at the highest level

What: pCloud

What pCloud has to offer in terms of features

Of course, a cloud service must also have the necessary features to be a serious alternative to the big players. Since the company was founded 10 years ago, new functions have been added continuously, which is why more than 14 million customers are now convinced of pCloud.

  • Comprehensive file management: Searching, editing and managing files stored in the cloud are of course part of the basic functions. pCloud also offers link exemptions, even with a dedicated traffic measurement. A separate area allows you to organize your music library in detail.
  • Usable on all devices: You can use pCloud’s standalone applications on all major operating systems. There are also browser extensions and the powerful web dashboard.
  • Data Recovery: A simple trashcan can also be found on pCloud, but the service goes an extra mile. You can even restore data states from long ago to revive accidentally deleted files.
  • Backup in pCloud: If you want to put an end to the stack of external hard drives, you should use pCloud’s backup function. With just a few clicks, an automatic data backup is created for computers, mobile phones or other cloud services.
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New Feature: pCloud Pass Officially Available!

In addition to other great features for cloud storage, pCloud is also working on completely new products – the password manager pCloud Pass is now launched. With it you can manage your passwords, credit card and bank details, documents or membership in no time. Data protection and security are and will remain the top priority.

Learn more on the pCloud Pass website.

Also use the pCloud discount on German Unity Day in Switzerland

If you don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to data protection and functionality with your cloud service, you should definitely take a closer look at pCloud. In addition, the prices for one-off payments on the German standard day are significantly reduced:

  • 500 GB Premium lifetime: 125 instead of 500 euros (-75%)
  • 2 TB Premium Plus Lifetime: 245 instead of 980 Euro (-75 %)
  • NEW 10 TB Custom Lifetime: 990 instead of 4900 Euro (-80 %)

If you calculate the one-time prices against the subscription fees of the major cloud providers, pCloud “pays off” in a few months, depending on the storage size – and you can use it for life. Save on pCloud’s individual lifetime plans until October 5th.

For a limited time only: Save up to 80% on pCloud



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