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Home Sport Paulo Dybala delivers Juventus against AC Milan!

Paulo Dybala delivers Juventus against AC Milan!

Serie A fans were spoiled tonight. A beautiful program on the agenda between two historic teams of football transalpine, namely Juventus and AC Milan. Even if the dynamics are very different, and for many seasons already, he had the face this match on paper! The Turinese wanted to win to beat Inter, his opponent for the title, who had won against Hellas Verona (2-1) earlier in the weekend. With a trio Bernardeschi-Higuain-Cristiano Ronaldo, the Old Lady defied a struggling Lombard team. Still in the second half of the table, the Milanese failed to achieve satisfactory results, with only one victory over the last four meetings of Serie A. Tonight, they fought well, but ended up losing 1-0 .

The debut of the match was quite balanced, with a solid Milan in 4-3-3. It was necessary to wait fifteen minutes of play for the Turinese to offer themselves a first serious opportunity. Donnarumma had to work to prevent Higuain, served Cristiano Ronaldo, from sending the cross-shot to the back of the net. Milanese answer with a head of Bonucci, safe (17th), and it must be said that the possession of the Lombards was quite sterile. Paqueta, from the head, still forced Szczesny out a sacred parade (24th). The Milanese dominated, and were generally little worried.

Joya made the difference

Cristiano Ronaldo was for the moment rather erased and harmless, like his shot quietly captured by the porter rossonero (43). A funny meeting; This was the conclusion we could make at the break, since it was Milan who seemed to be racing for the title and Juve who gave the impression of being the team in crisis. The second period resumed on the same rhythm, with a Lombard team above in the game. Even worse for the troops of Maurizio Sarri, Cristiano Ronaldo, hit the knee, was to leave his place in the 55th minute of play.

Szczesny had yet to intervene to frustrate this attempt of his compatriot Krzysztof Piatek, who had tried a nice dish of the foot (58th). Dybala, who had come into play a few minutes earlier, was finally creating danger for his team, but his shot was a little too soft to really worry a serene Donnarumma (68th). Rabiot made his appearance in the wake, instead of a Matuidi touched on the elbow. But it is always Szczesny who carried his, with a new judgment, this time on Çalhanoğlu (75th). But Dybala, he was not going to need 50 opportunities to put it in the bottom. A nice hook, the Argentine eliminated Romagnoli at the entrance to the surface and chained on a perfect cross shot (1-0, 77th). The score has not moved, with Lombards shot, and Juve takes the lead in Serie A at Inter.


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