Paulina B makes her debut in the music industry with the single “Aves Negras” by Royalty Records – La Voz

Paulina B makes her debut in the music industry with the single “Aves Negras” by Royalty Records – La Voz

  • The artist is part of Royalty Records, the label led by
    by Maluma.
  • Paulina B is the second artist signed by Maluma.

Pauline B ventures into music as one of the new voices of the popular genre with the release of his single “Black Birds” next to Royalty Records Maluma’s new label.

“Black Birds” is the bet of the artist with which she makes her way in the music industry. This single, which in its lyrics narrates heartbreak, deceit and forgetfulness in a relationship that did not work out, is combined with innovative sounds of regional pop that highlights the versatility with which Pauline B you want to make an impact in your cover letter. The song was produced by Yohan Úsuga, one of the most prominent producers in Colombia, known for working with artists such as Jessi Uribe and Yeison Jiménez.

«I am very excited about my release of «Aves Negras», a heartbreak song, in which I wanted to represent the precise moment where a love dies. I am infinitely grateful to the Royalty Records family for having opened the doors of their house for me» Says Paulina B.

The official video of “Black Birds” exposes the mourning for that love that one wants to forget, developing in different scenarios where the artist is the protagonist with her interpretation, adapting the main concept in the production of the black birds when they arrive announcing a bad omen, a sign of an imminent death. It was directed by Cesar “Tes” Pimienta and recorded in Medellín.

Pauline B she arrives to stand out and make herself known in the industry, working on many projects for this year and hand in hand with her record company, in her growth to consolidate herself in this 2023 as one of the revelation artists in Latin America.

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