for a look beauty be perfect, many factors must be taken into account. It is not only important to have a good hairstyle, beautiful makeup or a special look. The manicure we wear is very important and, directly, it says a lot about us and our self-care. Paula Echevarria She is one of those women who always transmit style and take care of her nails on a regular basis. Although classic designs are her favorites, to start September with elegance, she wears a manicure that is the best.

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Paula Echevarría anti-aging manicure

This is the most elegant and rejuvenating manicure from Paula Echevarría. (@pau_eche)

As you will see, it is a beautiful manicure in a pale pink tone, with a classic air. Elegant and clean in equal parts, this proposal is a great bet to accompany outfits and events of all kinds, it would even look good on brides. The actress wears the nail shape in an almond versionand with a pointed shape that creates an effect of longer fingers.

In addition, considering that Paula always wears tame tans, it is normal that she chose this soft shade because helps to enhance the tan a lot. Would you get Paula’s manicure? Here we leave you a nail polish similar to his.


essie, Classic Light Pink Nail Polish

Essie, classic nail polish. (Amazon)

Paula Echevarría bets on the classic nail design that rejuvenates your hands

The soft colors on the nails achieve, in addition to giving a sensation of very clean and well-groomed hands, an appearance of appetizing elegance. And so that this new season you can make your fingers look more stylized, we bring you this option of Paula Echevarria that will give a very feminine touch to your manicure.

The pink color is a tone that makes the hands look more rejuvenated and combines with all the clothes we have in the closet. The Asturian wears them in the most classic version, but you can also add a more fun touch and decorate with drawings. As an example, we leave you an idea that can inspire you: a natural pink tone by pulling on nude y with drawings of fruit and floral motifsfor a more refreshing twist.

Pink nails with glitter by María Pombo

Pink nails with a lot of shine from María Pombo. (@mariapombo)

And if you are looking for something more groundbreaking, but in pink tones, bet on the glitter. As you may have noticed in the image that we leave you as an example, it is a design that manages to attract attention and looks great. By the way, they are from Maria Pombo.