Patrizia, how are you going to be called by the bluers? Mister, as always. And ask that the boys tell me about her. And will you enter it in the locker room? Of course but not before I warned, I would do it even if it were women. Asking for permission is primarily a question of education.

Romana di Tor Bella Monaca, 45 years old, at eight years old dreamed of becoming Maradona. become Patrizia Panico, bomber with over 800 goals in his tour of Italy between clubs (a lot of Lazio, 14 times top scorer of the tournament) and national team at the time when women’s football was pioneering on pitches stripped after work, other than professionalism and Panini stickers. For in the newspapers Panico (the accent on the i) ended up the same because no one before her – not even the fantastic pioneer Carolina Morace who in the summer of ’99 agreed to a whim of the picturesque president Gaucci by agreeing to train the Viterbo in Serie C1 for two championship days – he had gone so far in professional men’s football.

Daniele Zoratto’s assistant in the Under 16, coach of the Under 15 since August 2018, newly appointed deputy of Paolo Nicolato, technical commissioner of the Under 21 – the tank of Italy by Roberto Mancini – after the excellent work done with the young people of the Under 19 (second in the European category) and the Under 20 (semi-finalists at the 2019 World Cup). Patrizia will make her debut at the meeting in late August and, on the bench, in Lignano Sabbiadoro in the friendly match against Slovenia on 3 September. I like to think that in Federcalcio I esteem and care about my growth – he says -. They know they will make an important contribution to Nicolato, who has welcomed me very well. A woman’s point of view can only enrich. This is the job I like to do and soon I hope it will become for everyone, men and women, without distinction. The examples of females admitted to the closed field of men’s football, around Europe, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.Silvia Weis, Del Bosque’s Spain team manager at the 2010 World Cup, and Eva Carneiro, Mourinho’s Chelsea medical manager. But the first dealt with communicating the changes to the fourth man and the second (ended badly: fired badly by Mou, he sued him) to treat the players. Corinne Deacon he coached Clermont, the French Serie B, and Stephanie Frappart he whistled the European Super Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea.

None, however, has ever explained the technique to the players of a national team shared with the coach in the secret rooms. The game of football has no sex, but I chose the career in men – Patrizia points out. If I had trained the girls they would have judged me for what I did as a striker. I didn’t want any facilities, instead: I wanted to start from scratch to improve myself. Tosta, the girl. That one day he dares to say he kissed a partner, because it is normal for attraction to be created in the locker room: A phrase that was misused and I would not repeat – he says today -, for I really believe that our country is capable of great tolerance and ready to all.

She defines herself brave, loyal, humble. And also domineering, when you need it: sometimes to be respected by men you have to do a shoulder. But I’m not afraid: I have broad shoulders. She met sarcasm, arrogance, never irreverence: How many times have I heard myself say: what do you want to understand about football, you who are a woman? With dialectics, however, I have always managed to explain myself. Among her colleagues she likes Klopp from Liverpool (For the approach), Simone Inzaghi from Lazio (He always defends his players), Mihajlovic from Bologna (He has great values), De Zerbi from Sassuolo (An innovator). Patrizia advances because she is prepared. Goal post-Mancini Italy? There is the cultural question: football is a stronghold for men. My dream that all barriers will fall, that opportunities will be given to valid women. And then enough with the sentences made !. The last bulwark creaks: football will not be a sport for young ladies but for serious ladies, such as Panico, s.

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