Patrick Fiori (Song of the Year) bursts into tears behind the scenes, find out why

Patrick Fiori participated in Song of the year, on TF1 on June 5. But the singer let run hot tears down his cheeks once he was no longer in the limelight. From behind the scenes, he would have indeed cried and it is he who says it. But why was he so moved? His fans wonder and it is legitimate. Indeed, Patrick Fiori is a person admired by his audience. The sad knowledge can only worry them and so they hope that nothing serious is hidden under the sobs of the singer. It’s in a newspaper article The Parisia that Patrick Fiori gives the reasons for his tears. And Objection reassure you right away, the singer’s tears have a very nice reason that has nothing to do with sadness.

Patrick Fiori is terribly moved behind the scenes of Song of the year

Song of the year brings together all the artists who have marked the public during the past year. They meet on stage to offer live performances and it is Nikos Aliagas who animates this evening of anthology. The public is won over by this program, it is an unmissable annual event. Also, it would be logical to imagine that the artists were moved to finally find themselves on stage, together and after so many months away from the sets.

Indeed, Objection will not teach you that the pandemic, and the resulting health crisis, has made this kind of event almost impossible. However, this is not the reason for Patrick Fiori’s tears. Indeed, he does not hide his emotion and his joy at being on stage in Song of the year, but it was for another reason that he shed tears behind the scenes.

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If you followed this great evening on TF1, or if you are subscribed to Patrick Fiori’s social networks, you will not have escaped your notice that his song, in duet with Florent Pagny, won the prize for Song of the year. But then again, that is not the reason for his tears. However, the sensitive artist that he is could have let himself go. But the happiness was too great, or perhaps it was also too modest. Because it is all the more moving that it is the fans who vote for this award.

Indeed, Song of the year makes sure to reward the audience’s favorite song. The one that makes their hearts beat in short. It is the viewers who are called upon to vote for the best song. This year, it is therefore that of Patrick Fiori and Florent Pagny who wins this distinction. And, Objection Grant you, that would have been a good opportunity to shed a few tears.

The reason for the singer’s tears

On stage, dozens of artists came to do the show. All in a dream setting, at the Château de Chambord. Nikos Aliagas did not fail to underline the enthusiasm of the artists present. According to him, it is a big family which could finally reunite. A family that was terribly missed and whose hearts are music fans. Rightly so, anyone could have shed a tear just with the talk of the host of Song of the year. But what really shook Patrick Fiori was a tribute to him.

Indeed, it was in 1998, as the interpreter of Phœbus in the musical Notre Dame of Paris, that Patrick Fiori made himself known. Or rather, that it is becoming essential with the general public. However, it is Gims, Dadju and Slimane who took over this title on stage during this beautiful evening. And this is what broke the shell of Patrick Fiori. He admitted that behind the scenes, this cover had the gift of making him cry. “They managed to make me cry. This song means so much to me ” he said then in the columns of Parisian.

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Once recovered from his emotions, the evening ended with a great victory for the singer. Decidedly, these are magical moments that pave his career. And she’s not about to stop.

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