Patricia Bullrich, Rodríguez Larreta and Mauricio Macri saw each other at a wedding

Buenos Aires official Jorge Macri, who is seeking to be head of government, has formed a party at La Rural. There were celebrities, politicians and businessmen.

In La Rural, with more than 300 guests including politicians, celebrities and businessmen, Jorge Macri, the Buenos Aires government minister with aspirations to succeed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the City, married the journalist María Belén Ludueña.

The party was like brackets in the hard internship of the PRO, not only because of the Buenos Aires succession, but also in the battle between Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich to reach the Casa Rosada. Both were invited to the wedding. The president of the PRO was one of the first to arrive with her husband Guillermo Yanco.

Larreta went alone, greeted the newlyweds and quickly left the place. He had an excellent excuse. It was the birthday of his girlfriend, Milagros Maylin, who gave an intimate reception for friends and family.

Among the guests were many politicians. He invited a large part of the City Cabinet. The Chief of Staff, Felipe Miguel; the Minister of Security and Justice, Marcelo D’Alessandro; the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós; among others the Minister of Education, Soledad Acuña, and the Minister of Finance, Martín Mura.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta arrives at Jorge Macri’s wedding in La Rural. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez.

There was also Emmanuel Ferrario, first vice president of the Legislature and Larretista who also came to say hello. He is a good friend of Milagros Maylin and was invited to her birthday.

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Mauricio Macri, Jorge’s cousin, went with Juliana Awada. The deputies Diego Santilli, Cristian Ritondo, Waldo Wolf, Gerardo Millman and María Sotolano and senator Humberto Schiavoni Emilio Monzó, the former vice president, Gabriela Michetti and the president of the UCR in the province, Maxi Abad, were also on the list of guests.

Celebrities such as Pampita, Yanina Latorre, Guillermo Andino, Baby Etchecopar and Flavia Palmiero also joined.

Patricia Bullrich arrives at Jorge Macri's wedding in La Rural.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez.

Patricia Bullrich arrives at Jorge Macri’s wedding in La Rural. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez.

Daniel Angelici also gave the gift. He arrived early with his wife.

At the beginning of the party there was a reception with cold and hot snacks, a Mediterranean table and a Creole stall. For the main course there was Thai green curry of prawns with basmati rice, cucumber pickles, basil, ginger and lime. Another option was steaks, dijon aioli, crispy potatoes, seven-course tomato and corn gremolata. FOR dessert, passion fruit brownie, pineapple tiradito and mango sorbet.

The bride and groom spared no expense. Before the party, they stayed two nights at the Four Season, one of the most expensive hotels in Argentina. In addition, they have made a list of gifts in an exclusive location in Alvear Avenue.

They even invested for the show during the party. They appointed the Ráfaga group. The honeymoon will be in Europe: the bride and groom will go on a trip to Paris.

The environment was left in the hands of an associate of Bárbara Diez, the e of Larreta, who came out on the same Saturday to question the head of government for a message he left for his new girlfriend Milagros Maylin. Tien replied, “The woman is still me.”

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